What is our Purpose and How we Work

What is our Purpose ?

Perhaps we have chosen the simplest purpose and the way of help, our work is no political , no religious and no economic. Our job is humanitarian and, of course, simple. Gathering people's aid and delivering them to the poor and needy. Of course, we welcome other people who join our campaign. In any country can be they are. After qualifying, you will buy a "domain name" like our domain name ( Hepope ), but with the "Domain extension" of your country, and we will give you a gift website And this new friend can work in our work direction. And of course, to those who make cash donations, if you would like, we will give a website a gift. Simple and functional In this way, we want to extend the love, friendeship , respect and of course help to the needy. So please join us..


And also you can send us your pictures and articles or letters related to the topic of the site for publication on the site by email. We are pleased.